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mBot Educational Robot


Product Code: HE1664857

Pack Size: 1

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Product Description
If their adorable eyes and cute little smile aren’t enough to win you over, then the learning potential of mBot will. mBot, a programmable floor robot, provides pupils with first-hand experiences of coding and electronics, developing the perfect groundwork for a future in coding, programming and perhaps more importantly, computational thinking. Pupils can use Makeblock to code mBot. Makeblock, a Scratch-style method of coding, provides the perfect transition from graphical programming language to code programming language. Essentially, by using mBot and Makeblock, pupils are prepared for the real-life experiences as a coder. Makeblock also makes it easy for you to differentiate lessons even if you’re a coding novice – phew! One of the great things about coding is the creativity that comes from exploring the potential of a coding robot like mBot. Pupils can build and programme mBot to avoid obstacles, follow lines, play games and they can even create a remote-control car. Encourage your pupils to use their imagination to test possibilities and hone their engineering skills by designing ideas, testing them and presenting them to the class. The whole process is fantastic for STEM learning. • Teach complex ideas and computational thinking to pupils with confidence using the simple-to-use mBot floor robot. • Develop skills in engineering, electronics and programming in your pupils, preparing them for the real-life experiences they are sure to come across in the not-too-distant future. • Incorporate engaging STEM learning in your classroom seamlessly using mBot and the free resources available from Makeblock. • Get started quickly: mBot is easy to put together using a screwdriver and takes about 10 minutes to build. Once put together, mBot can be used to teach pupils over the age of 6. • Compatible with LEGO® The mBot 1 x ultrasonic sensor 1 x line follow sensor 1 x mCore based on Arduino Uno 1 x LED 1 x buzzer 1 x light sensor 2 x mini nylon castor wheel that moves in any direction