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HOPE Fraction Decimals and Percentages Kit Y5-6


Product Code: HE1633460

Pack Size: 1

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£494.99 ex. VAT
Product Description
This kit is full of ideas and resources for years 5 and 6. Leaning on previous learning, the contents of this pack will encourage older children to understand the connection between fractions, decimals and percentages and how those values relate to time, money and measurement. Activities are also designed to inspire a more sophisticated approach to mathematical problem-solving. This comprehensive kit features cards, flips, dominos, games cards and sets to cover all the age-appropriate required core principles. Complete with storage box and lid, along with the Mastering Fractions, Decimals and Percentages Book. This extensive teaching kit includes: 1 x Fraction Teaching Kit 4 x Pack of 6 Equivalence Dice 2 x Rainbow Fraction towers - Equivalency Set 1 x Fraction Magnets Set 1 x Decimal Magnets Set 1 x Percentage Magnets Set 1 x Teacher Fraction, Decimal and Percentage Rotating Line 1 x Pack of 6 Pupil Fraction, Decimal and Percentage Rotating Line 1 x Fraction and Decimal Counting Cards Pack 1 x Teacher Equivalent Flip 1 x Pack of 5 Pupil Equivalent Flips 1 x Fraction Fill Game 1 x Teacher Decimal Sliding Line 1 x Pupil Classpack Decimal Sliding Lines 1 x Fraction Fundamental Snap Pack 1 x Percentage Dominoes 1 x Percentage, Decimal and Fraction Bingo 1 x Fraction, Decimal and Percentage Posters This kit comes with a handy storage box and lid. This kit will enable older children in Key Stage 2 to integrate and manipulate all three concepts (FDP) in flexible and effective ways - to support mathematical problem-solving. Beyond Years 5 and 6, pupils at Key Stage 3 who need to consolidate their learning would benefit from opportunities to use these highly visual and inter-active resources. Magnetic whiteboard not included.