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Chariot Company Overview

With Chariot you have the peace of mind of buying not just from one of the longest established and most dynamic office supplies company in the area, but also one that is recognised one of the Top Independent Office Supplies Dealers in the UK. Whilst we are based in the North West, with a proud history of recruiting local people and supporting the local economy, we provide a truly nationwide delivery and distribution solution that is the envy of our competitors and will, we hope, become the benchmark against which you judge other office and business products suppliers.

With £350 million of purchasing power afforded by our partnership with VOW, the UK's largest office products wholesaler, you are guaranteed the keenest prices and can choose from over 20,000 products covering all key aspects of your expenditure. We trust that you will also be reassured that we have vast experience in supporting and supplying a broad range of customers ranging from small commercial customers to large corporate clients. In short, in Chariot you have a true single source, cost effective supplier with the proven experience and capabilities to deliver outstanding support to you and your colleagues.

When choosing your supplier we understand that price is always going to be important and we also know that where possible you will want to consolidate and buy from a single supplier to save time and money. We think that your supplier needs to do, and be, more than that and if you think likewise then Chariot could be the supplier for you. We don't just want to be a supplier; we want to be your supplier of choice for all of your workplace essentials and business needs. If you want to work with like-minded organisations, value specialist sourcing experience, trust intelligent advice and want to benefit from a dynamic approach to business then choose Chariot because that's exactly what we do and how we behave.

In choosing Chariot you are choosing a can-do culture driven by the positive attitude and expertise of our people. We genuinely care about our work and support each other to support you. Our standards are high and as they comply with the most demanding of internationally recognised standards you can rely on them being consistent throughout our company. You can also rest assured that almost everything is possible given our knowledge, our experience and our innovative approach.

Keep on doing what you currently do! You offer an excellent personal service which honestly cannot be improved upon. I am truly grateful for the relationship we have where I can call on Chariot to do the impossible.

We have been in business since 1977 and during this time we have only every grown organically and not by acquisition. This is our choice and it's an important and a positive one because it means that the people who will be supporting you have grown up with the Chariot culture of impeccable customer service and of operating to only the very highest standards. This culture is important as it has helped to instil a strong spirit of co-operation and loyalty which, in turn, has resulted in a very low turnover of staff. As a result most of those who will be supporting you have been with us for many years and in this time they have gained vital industry related skills and fantastic product knowledge. The net result is that we have both the experience and the expertise that sets us apart from our competitors. It means that we have the depth and breadth of knowledge to answer virtually all of your questions at the first time of asking and can provide you with the help, advice and guidance so that you buy the most appropriate products at the very best possible prices.

We have been using Chariot for over 10 years and have always been completely satisfied with the service, products and competitive prices they provide. We have always found their staff to be knowledgeable, helpful, friendly and polite.

We are delighted that our pedigree and focus on satisfaction is recognised by our customers and we are grateful for their continued support and loyalty. That said, no-one buys from us out of habit and we pride ourselves that in the most challenging economic climate our customers continue to enjoy best value combined with unparalleled levels of personal service, care and attention to detail. That is why we were chosen instead of our competitors and we hope that by proving this to you, you will choose us as your supplier. Indeed, the service and support you will enjoy by using us will, we hope, prove to be the benchmark that our competitors must strive to match.

"Our philosophy has always been to exceed expectations through the excellence of our customer service, the superior quality of our products and the ability to provide outstanding value for money."

This isn't just an aspiration, it's what we do! This short statement embodies our philosophy of going the extra mile in new ways to look after our customers (and this is the way you'll be looked after if we're fortunate in securing your business). We exceed expectations by combining modern technology with traditional values; this makes purchasing your office products as easy as possible and removes the hassle-factor. With Chariot you will have the peace of mind that we'll always be pleased to fulfil your requests and requirements, however weird, wonderful or unique they might be. It's often the odd and unusual request that many suppliers either don't want to deal with or simply can't address, yet this is what we thrive on and we'd relish the opportunity to show you just how supportive we can be.

We cannot praise your staff enough. They get back to us as soon as possible even though our requests are somewhat challenging and the team always save the day.

We are a private, family owned British company and we have no shareholders to pay. This is important as our profits are reinvested to provide on-going service improvements for your business rather than being shared with investors. Unlike some of the larger Contract Stationers our profits are all reinvested in the UK, and are not channelled back to a parent company in France or the USA as is sometimes the case. We also pay all of our taxes in the UK. As you may have heard, there has recently been consternation that some foreign owned corporations do not appear to be paying their fair share of tax to support the UK economy. Indeed, increasing public concern prompted mention of steps to tackle this issue in The Chancellor of The Exchequer's last budget statement. Whilst we are unsure if the sharp accounting practices used by the likes of Starbucks, Google and Amazon are also being used by the global Contract Stationers we can proudly confirm that we are committed to growing our business in the UK, to making our contribution and paying our way, and to regeneration and growth.

Reinvestment has been a major factor in our impressive and consistent growth rates and has funded our ability to create new jobs against a background of economic uncertainty. This growth has been achieved for two simple, but very important, reasons:

1. Our existing customers have continued to want to buy from us

2. New customers have chosen us because we have provided a real alternative to the suppliers they've historically used (and with whom they have so often become disillusioned)

We are told by new customers that one of the reasons they chose us is because they were previously made to feel like a very small cog in the machinery of the large corporate suppliers. With Chariot you won't feel that way. You will be treated as an individual with unique requirements and you will always feel as important as you actually are to our business.

Company Information

Chariot Office Supplies
366 – 368 Ashton New Road
M11 3DL
Registered in England Number: 1329301

Telephone: 0161 223 6633
Fax: 0161 223 1932
Website: www.chariot.uk.com

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